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[READ] OREN MOVERMAN’s Top 10 Criterion releases

Criterion continue to find hot filmmakers who are happy to write about their favourite releases. Following last year’s fascinating lists from Edgar Wright and Nicolas Winding Refn, this month the Criterion Collection asked Oren Moverman to compile a list of his ten favourites from their ever-expanding series of important classic and contemporary films. Moverman is the writer/director of the …

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[Watch] The Hollywood Reporter’s hour-long round tables with 2011’s award-worthy actors, actresses, directors & writers

Every year during awards season, The Hollywood Reporter somehow manages to organise the schedules of nearly every actor, actress, writer and director of the year’s best films to sit down and discuss said films as well as their craft. For the 2011 Actors Roundtable, they’ve brought together an interesting group of lead and supporting actors (pictured above), which are: George …

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[Watch] RAMPART Trailer: Woody Harrelson is the most corrupt cop ever

Rampart is a film with so many awesome ingredients I don’t see how it could possibly fail: it reunites The Messenger director Oren Moverman with Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster, based on a story about the LAPD’s disgraced Rampart division written by crime master James Ellroy (L.A. Confidential), and features an impressive supporting cast which includes Sigourney Weaver, Anne Heche, Ice Cube, Cynthia Nixon, …

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