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[WATCH] NINE INCH NAILS: ‘Came Back Haunted’ [Dir. David Lynch]

Trent Reznor has enlisted legendary filmmaker-turned-musician David Lynch to helm the video for Nine Inch Nails’ great comeback single, ‘Came Back Haunted’ (the pair previously collaborated on the Lost Highway soundtrack). While this news might inspire grand expectations, this clip is a rather simplistic, nasty and underwhelming piece of experimentation which comes with seizure warnings for good reason, …

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[WATCH] DAVID LYNCH: ‘Crazy Clown Time’ [NSFW]

David Lynch has directed an unsurprisingly-bizarre video for ‘Crazy Clown Time’, the title track off his 2011 début album. The seven-minute, NSFW clip depicts a dark and twisted outdoor party, in which much beer drinking and nudity takes place, while Lynch creepily mouths the lyrics on a TV screen. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lynch describes the video as “intense psychotic backyard …

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[Listen] DAVID LYNCH remixes ZOLA JESUS + Read Nika Roza Danilova’s thoughts on the track

Zola Jesus, aka Nika Roza Danilova, is not a fan of remixes, turning down the many requests she receives to remake her tracks. Until now. “I feel like reinterpreting something can remove its context,” she told Pitchfork this week. “But when David Lynch asks to remix your song, you let him.” Lynch has drastically revamped her gorgeous Conatus track ‘In …

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[Stream] DAVID LYNCH: ‘Crazy Clown Time’

David Lynch is a man of many interests: not only is he a director of feature films, shorts, television shows and commercials, he is also painter, photographer, Parisian nightclub owner (Silencio), meditation advocate and musician. While Lynch-the-musician may come as a shock to some, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. After all, his films are renowned for …

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[Listen] DAVID LYNCH: ‘Pinky’s Dream’ ft. Karen O

Twin Peaks director and everybody’s favourite transcendental meditation expert David Lynch has released a second track from his forthcoming debut album Crazy Clown Time. ‘Pinky’s Dream’ features Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O on vocals and is significantly less weird and surreal than ‘Crazy Clown Time’.

[Listen] DAVID LYNCH: ‘Crazy Clown Time’

David Lynch, known to most for his filmmaking and some for his art, is releasing a solo full-length album on November 7th. The album’s title track, ‘Crazy Clown Time’, was released today and it’s every bit as surreal, creepy and perhaps incomprehensible as you might expect. The seven-minute song features female moans that may or …

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[Watch] David Lynch’s bizarro trailer for the 2011 Vienna Film Festival

David Lynch, the masterful director of Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive, has directed a surreal and amusing commercial for the 2011 Vienna Film Festival. The 70-second clip, titled The 3 Rs, unsurprisingly has nothing to do with the film festival and is just another weird excursion into the twisted but brilliant mind of Lynch.