[WATCH] Vince Gilligan discusses the BREAKING BAD finale on THE COLBERT REPORT

Vince Gilligan TCR

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan returned to The Colbert Report last night to discuss his hit show’s feverishly anticipated finale. For those not completely up-to-date, the interview obviously contains spoilers — which Colbert makes light of part-way through — as Gilligan opens up about the ultimate fate of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), living with the character in his head for six years, and compared Walter to John Wayne’s character in The Searchers as well as The Lord of the Rings‘ Gollum. The show concluded with a fun epilogue in which Colbert has Gilligan imprisoned in a basement, forced to write more episodes of Breaking Bad, and you can also find that below.

Watch Vince Gilligan discuss Breaking Bad on The Colbert Report below.

Watch Stephen’s sign off with an epilogue featuring Vince Gilligan below.

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