[WATCH] Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks DON JON on THE COLBERT REPORT

Joseph Gordon-Levitt TCR

The charming-as-ever Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently doing the rounds for his directorial debut, Don Jon — see also his entertaining AMA, and a hilarious Fallon appearance below —  and tonight he stopped by The Colbert Report. The actor-turned-writer/director explained how his film examines the unrealistic expectations perpetuated by porn and romantic comedies — which gave Stephen an opportunity for a great quip (“Pornography masturbates to me!”) — and Gordon-Levitt revealed that his character in Rian Johnson’s Brick is probably the closest on-screen equivalent to his real-life persona.

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt on The Colbert Report below.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and took part in a hilarious lip sync-off with Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon, which you can enjoy below.

Check out the latest trailer for Don Jon below.

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