[WATCH] Trailer #2 for Tony Gilroy’s THE BOURNE LEGACY

A new trailer for The Bourne Legacy was released today, following February’s mysterious teaser trailer, and it impressively manages to emphasise the film’s ties to the previous Matt Damon-starring trilogy while also striding confidently toward the future. Universal and director Tony Gilroy – who penned the screenplays for the previous Bourne films – are keen to remind us that while Jason Bourne’s presence is still very much felt in this new chapter, he was just the beginning and our badass new hero, Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), is “Treadstone without the inconsistency”. Renner’s transition from talented leading man (The Hurt Locker, The Town) to bonafide Hollywood A-lister (Mission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolThe Avengers) looks to be complete when The Bourne Legacy hits in August, and he looks terrific in the footage we’ve seen so far. The wonderful Rachel Weisz emerges as the co-lead in this new trailer, and we get our first look at a fellow agent played by Oscar Isaac (Drive), while Edward Norton’s villain is still somewhat of a mystery to us, which is refreshing in the era of spoilers. Overall, the action looks thrilling and intense, the story promises more scope with an entire programme seemingly coming undone, and most exciting of all is that Gilroy’s film is neither a reboot nor a simple sequel, but in fact cleverly runs parallel to the events of The Bourne Ultimatum, which has me intrigued and hanging out for more.

The Bourne Legacy opens August 3. Watch the second trailer below (via The Playlist).

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