The Woman in Black is a solid, well-crafted genre exercise from director James Watkins (Eden Lake) which pays tribute to the old-fashioned Hammer Horror tradition. It’s haunted house, children-in-peril story is both chilling and nonsense in turns, delivering some genuine suspense, albeit in an often familiar fashion. Daniel Radcliffe proves there is life after Harry Potter for him with a solid lead performance as a young Edwardian-era solicitor, although he could have been more convincing. As far as ghost stories go, Jane Goldman’s (The Debt) script is hardly original – I prefer the more ambitious Spanish school of Guillermo Del Toro, which recently produced such gems as Julia’s Eyes and The Orphanage – although it never strives to be, choosing instead to embrace its old-school influences, which is certainly refreshing in the age of endless Paranormal Activity sequels and imitators.


Watch the trailer for The Woman in Black below.

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