[WATCH] RYAN ADAMS, CHILDISH GAMBINO & MICHAEL MCDONALD audition for the Super Bowl in 30 ROCK webisode

On the latest episode of The Donaghy Files, an animated webisode spinoff from 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin’s titular character finds himself desperately trying to replace Madonna as the half-time Super Bowl act but unable to pay any clearance fees. He calls in Ryan Adams, Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover), and Michael McDonald of The Doobie Brothers and gives them each an opportunity to audition for the gig, but there’s a catch: they can choose from three songs, all of which are NBC series theme songs. Hilarity ensues, as McDonald covers the Saved By the Bell theme, Adams does a lovely acoustic version of the Passions theme (somehow managing to make it sound exactly like a Ryan Adams song), and Childish Gambino raps over the Knight Rider theme.

Watch The Donaghy Files short ‘For A Song’ below (via EW).

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