[WATCH] Colbert Super PAC “Raising Cain” with new ad

Following a hilarious attack ad against Mitt Romney, a second mock-ad aimed at South Carolina voters from the “Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC”  (aka “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow”) appeared yesterday, this time encouraging Colbert supporters to vote for Herman Cain in the upcoming Republican ballot. Since Colbert can no longer get on the South Carolina primary ballot and the state does not allow write-in candidates, the Super PAC is urging supports to vote for former presidential candidate Herman Cain, whose name still appears on the ballot. In the new ad, images of Colbert standing proudly before an American flag appear as the narrator says, “There is one name on the ballot that stands for true Americannimity: Herman Cain”, and an arrow points to Colbert. The final 15 seconds of the one minute ad spoofs Cain’s now-viral campaign ad, which ended with five seconds of Cain very slowly smiling, in a rather creepy fashion. Colbert and his Comedy Central pal/Super PAC head Jon Stewart further mocked the ludicrous “no coordinating” rules that govern Super PAC’s on tonight’s episode of The Daily Show, and Colbert subsequently played the ‘Raising Cain’ ad on tonight’s episode of The Colbert Report.

Watch the ‘Raising Cain’ ad below.

Watch Stephen Colbert “not coordinating” with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show below.

Watch Stephen Colbert discussing the Herman Cain ad on tonight’s episode of The Colbert Report below.

If you missed the previous ad attacking Mitt “The Ripper” Romney, hit the link below to catch up:

[Watch] Colbert Super PAC Ad attacks Mitt “The Ripper” Romney

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