[WATCH] Colbert Super PAC Ad attacks Mitt “The Ripper” Romney

With Stephen Colbert’s faux bid for President of the United States now underway (see below), the “Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC” released its first ad in South Carolina yesterday, attacking current GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney. The hilarious ad mocks Romney’s status as a ruthless businessman as well as his “Corporations are people” statement, portraying him as Mitt “The Ripper” Romney. The ad, which features sinister narration by actor John Lithgow, encourages the people of South Carolina to vote for “Not Mitt Romney”. I think the ad is genius, and I’m excited to see how much mischief Colbert (as a candidate) and Jon Stewart (as the new Super PAC head) can stir up throughout this election year.

Watch the ‘Attack in B Minor for Strings’ ad below.

If you missed Stephen Colbert’s major announcement regarding his South Carolina candidacy on the last episode of The Colbert Report, watch it below.

The stellar episode also featured an appearance from the Beastie Boy’s Mike D, who discussed hip-hop semantics with Stephen following recent controversy regarding the usage of “illin” in the New York Times crossword. Watch his interview below.

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