HUNTER S. THOMPSON-penned rejection letter: “Jam this morbid drivel up your ass”

This highly entertaining and offensive rejection letter written by the great Hunter S. Thompson in 1971 has made my day! (via Filmdrunk)

You can read the story behind this letter below (via Letters of Note).

Spurred on by last week’s abusive note from Hunter S. Thompson to his biographer, writer Mike Peterson kindly got in touch the other day in order to share what may be the most aggressive, and possibly greatest, rejection letter ever crafted. Written in 1971, at which point young Mike was a resident of South Bend, Indiana, the furious missive was sent in response to a piece of satire he submitted to Rolling Stone magazine; unluckily for him — or luckily, depending on your angle — said piece was forwarded to Hunter for assessment.

This was his reaction.

Note: For those interested, the original piece written by Mike that inspired such a response can be read here.

Anyone brave enough to click through to Peterson’s awful piece will no doubt have a similarly violent reaction to Thompson.

Filmdrunk also shared some insight on the name ‘Yail Bloor’ which Hunter used to sign off with:

The name Yail Bloor sounded familiar and I figured it had a backstory, and it does. “Yail Bloor” was the name Hunter gave to Aspen bar owner/real estate broker Michael Solheim for his article “The Great Shark Hunt.” Solheim was the guy who first introduced Hunter to Oscar Acosta, aka Dr. Gonzo from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Benicio Del Toro in the movie), and served as campaign manager during Hunter’s run for mayor of Aspen. Solheim is the dude in the middle in the picture below (via the NYTimes):

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