[WATCH] Promising second trailer for OBLIVION reveals more story


Following an intriguing but slightly confused first trailer that teased its post-apocalyptic setting, a second trailer has landed today for Joseph Kosinki’s Oblivion which sells the story in a much more convincing fashion. Set on a devastated Earth — 60 years after an alien invasion — Tom Cruise stars as Jack Harper, a drone repairman and war veteran who is tasked with gathering the planet’s few remaining resources. Harper is haunted, however, by mysterious memories of a woman (Olga Kurylenko) he has never met, and when she appears in an escape pod he soon discovers everything he knows is a lie. The film still feels like it’s borrowing a little heavily from sci-fi canon — add Total Recall (memory/betrayal) and The Matrix (Morgan Freeman’s Morpheus-esque character) to the long list — but the visuals continue to impress, the cast look in fine form, and I can’t wait to hear M83’s score. While I wasn’t a fan of Kosinki’s Tron: Legacy, the main issue with that film was its dreadful script and with Oscar-winners William Monahan (The Departed) and Michael Ardnt (Little Miss Sunshine) on board it should be safe to assume that won’t be as much of an issue here.

Oblivion opens on IMAX on April 11, 2013. Watch the new trailer below (via The Playlist).

Oblivion poster

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