[WATCH] ANIMAL COLLECTIVE: ‘Applesauce’ (Dir. Gaspar Noé)


Animal Collective — who devastated Auckland fans this month with the last-minute cancellation of their Powerstation gig — have released a characteristically unsettling video for their Centipede Hz. track ‘Applesauce’. This one is not helmed by frequent collaborator Danny Perez, but rather French director Gaspar Noé (Enter the Void), who brings his strobes to the party here and takes influence from Paul Sharits’ 1968 short N:O:T:H:I:N:G. Intended to be viewed in complete darkness, the clip features model Lindsey Wixson provocatively eating some fruit as the seizure-inducing strobes do their work. Following his disappointingly dull video for Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ ‘We No Who U R‘, this clip is a slight improvement from Noé, but it still feels like more of a stylistic experiment rather than a satisfying music video and I’m not entirely convinced that this medium is for him.

Watch the video for ‘Applesauce’ at your own risk below (via P4K).

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