[WATCH] Trailer #1 for Clint Eastwood’s out-of-retirement baseball dramedy TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE

Clint Eastwood has come out of acting retirement to star in Trouble With the Curve, the directorial debut of his long-time production partner Robert Lorenz. He plays an aging baseball scout with failing eyesight who has to mend fences with his estranged daughter (Amy Adams) as they chase a promising young player. Justin Timberlake co-stars as a young scout with a romantic interest in Adams, and John Goodman and Matthew Lillard also make appearances. This first trailer looks pretty broad and cliché, with Eastwood essentially delivering a slightly softer version of his gruff Gran Torino character, and the baseball scout storyline echoing the old-school experience versus modern technology themes of Moneyball. I’m not expecting much from this overly familiar dramedy, but at least Adams looks like she’s holding her own against the iconic star.

Trouble With the Curve opens September 28 in the US, and November 29 in NZ. Watch the first trailer below (via Slashfilm).

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