[LISTEN] DIRTY THREE: ‘Toward The Low Sun’

Legendary instrumental trio Dirty Three are back with their eighth studio album, Toward the Low Sun, which is due February 28. We’ve already heard ‘Rising Below’, and now thanks to NPR you can stream the entire album online for free. On their last outing, 2005’s Cinder, the group experimented with their sound by including two guest vocalists for the first time and reducing the length of their songs. While that LP was a necessary diversion to ensure they weren’t repeating themselves, Toward the Sun marks a return to Dirty Three’s trademark sound – big waves of emotion which take their time to build – and on first listen it may be their best work since 2000’s brilliant Whatever You Love, You Are. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing Warren Ellis and co. perform some of this new material when they hit Auckland’s Powerstation next month.

Listen to Toward the Low Sun below (via NPR).

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