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Your Sister's Sister

One of the most charming and crowd-pleasing films of the 2012 NZ International Film Festival was Lynn Shelton’s latest dramedy Your Sister’s Sister. The Humpday writer/director reunites with mumblecore fixture Mark Duplass who stars as Jack, an aimless 30-something guy who hasn’t recovered from the death of his brother one year ago. His best friend, Iris (Emily …

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[REVIEW] LOOPER is a dazzling, ingenious sci-fi noir & future cult classic

Bruce Willis

Looper is an ingenious and original time travel noir from writer/director Rian Johnson, who made a splash back in 2006 with his similarly noir-inspired and stylish debut Brick. Here he is reunited with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, starring as a futuristic hitman who is forced to contend with his future self, played by Bruce Willis, as both fight for survival. …

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[WATCH] LOOPER International Trailer gives us a better look at Rian Johnson’s futuristic gangland


Rian Johnson’s twisty time-travel film Looper is one of the most anticipated of the year, and we’ve already seen some terrifically exciting trailers. Ahead of its Toronto International Film Festival premiere, a new international trailer has been released, featuring a voiceover by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character which explains the mechanics of time travel in the film, and giving …

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[WATCH] Thrilling, mind-bending US Trailer for LOOPER


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s awesome UK trailer comes an even-more-spectacular US trailer for Rian Johnson’s futuristic, mind-bending actioner Looper. With each new piece of footage released from this film it looks as though Johnson has really nailed the ambitious premise and created something genuinely special and exciting. Each of these trailers look more visually impressive …

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[WATCH] Incredible UK Trailer for Rian Johnson’s LOOPER


Rian Johnson’s ambitious sci-fi/action flick Looper has been one of my most anticipated films of the year ever since the terrific premise and cast were revealed, and the early teaser helped establish the time travelling world of the film while confirming just how badass it looks. For those in need of a brief recap: Looper is set in a …

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2012 New Zealand International Film Festival first announcement


With the World Cinema Showcase now wrapped up across the country for another year, it’s time to start looking ahead to the main event: the New Zealand International Film Festival, which kicks off in Auckland on July 19. This week the NZFF made a sneak announcement of its first three films: the Kevin Macdonald-directed Bob Marley documentary Marley, which …

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[WATCH] LOOPER Teaser Trailer is all kinds of badass


Following a series of teaser promos this week for Rian Johnson’s upcoming time travel film Looper, the official teaser trailer was finally released today and it is all kinds of badass. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe, a hired gun (or “looper”) who takes out targets sent back in time 30 years by the mob. Life …

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[WATCH] Jimmy Kimmel’s MOVIE: THE MOVIE: An epic 9-minute trailer parody starring every actor in Hollywood

Movie: The Movie

Jimmy Kimmel released an epic nine-minute movie trailer parody last week which featured  just about every Hollywood actor and actress you could imagine. Movie: The Movie satirises every blockbuster and crowd pleasing movie marketing cliche, and the result is mostly hilarious. The trailer features appearances by: Ryan Phillippe, Jessica Alba, Taylor Lautner, Antonio Banderas, Edward Norton, …

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[Watch] 1 minute of THE MUPPETS opening song and dance sequence


One minute of The Muppets opening song and dance number was released online today, and the scene is a really fun way to introduce new Muppet Walter and his human friend Gary (Jason Segel). It’s nice to see some musical footage after a slew of parody trailers, as fun as they were, and I think …

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