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[WATCH] Stephen Colbert gets DAFT PUNK’d; dances to ‘Get Lucky’

Get Lucky TCR

The Colbert Report was set to launch their annual Colbchella music week tonight with very special guests Daft Punk, only to have the duo pull out at the last minute due to a contractual obligation with MTV’s VMAs. Understandably incensed, Stephen Colbert began the show by mercilessly skewering MTV President Van “my peeps are feelin’ funky …

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[WATCH] Bryan Cranston discusses the end of BREAKING BAD on THE COLBERT REPORT

Bryan Cranston TCR

Breaking Bad is back to complete its fifth and final season this month, and star Bryan Cranston stopped by The Colbert Report tonight to discuss this highly-anticipated return. Witty and self-effacing as ever, Cranston mocked his early voiceover work on Power Rangers while impersonating James Lipton, cleverly avoided Colbert’s inquiries about the show’s conclusion, and made such a menacing transformation …

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[WATCH] Trailer #1 for WORLD WAR Z starring Brad Pitt


Following a troubled production with widely reported rewrites and reshoots, Marc Forster’s World War Z is finally on its way and the first trailer has now arrived. Loosely based on Max Brooks’ cult novel, the film stars Brad Pitt as a United Nations employee who is forced to leave his wife (Mirielle Enos) and children in a …

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[REVIEW] Ben Affleck’s riveting Iranian hostage thriller ARGO is his most assured effort yet & a certain awards contender


Ben Affleck’s third film Argo finds the actor-director leaving his comfort zone and excelling, moving on from solid crime thrillers set in his native Boston — 2007’s Gone Baby Gone and 2010’s The Town — to a riveting political thriller which vividly recreates an outrageous and little-known CIA rescue operation that took place behind-the-scenes of the Iranian hostage crisis and …

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[WATCH] BREAKING BAD Season 5 promos

Breaking Bad S5 poster

AMC’s brilliant crime drama Breaking Bad is set to return for the first half of its final season next week, on July 15. The fourth season ended with two of the show’s most intense episodes so far, and I can’t wait to see what creator Vince Gilligan has in store for Walter White (Bryan Cranston) now that …

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[WATCH] Trailer #2 for Len Wiseman’s TOTAL RECALL starring Colin Farrell


A second theatrical trailer for Len Wiseman’s update of Total Recall has been released, and this one shows off the film’s supersize budget even more than the last with a series of relentless action scenes. For those in need of a quick refresher: Total Recall is a new sci-fi/action adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s 1966 novelette We Can Remember it for …

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Disney’s John Carter is a mess right from the outset, and I’m not referring to the company’s botched marketing campaign. Opening with a dull, expository voiceover which explains that Mars aka “Barsoom” is indeed inhabited, the film is quickly bogged down by an unnecessarily convoluted and often incomprehensible plot – involving a Martian civil war, a mysterious group of holy men …

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[WATCH] Trailer #1 for Ben Affleck’s ’70s-set political thriller ARGO


The first trailer has been released for Ben Affleck’s third directorial effort, Argo. Based on a fascinating, wild true story documented by Wired in 2007 (“How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran”), Argo centers on the real-life C.I.A. plan to rescue a group of diplomat hostages from Tehran after the 1979 Iranian …

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[WATCH] Len Wiseman’s TOTAL RECALL Trailer #1


The first trailer has arrived for Len Wiseman’s remake of Total Recall, or rather his new adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s 1966 novelette We Can Remember it for You Wholesale, which happens to have the same title as Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 film. Colin Farrell stars in the role Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous as Douglas Quaid, an everyman who …

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[WATCH] Jimmy Kimmel’s MOVIE: THE MOVIE: An epic 9-minute trailer parody starring every actor in Hollywood

Movie: The Movie

Jimmy Kimmel released an epic nine-minute movie trailer parody last week which featured  just about every Hollywood actor and actress you could imagine. Movie: The Movie satirises every blockbuster and crowd pleasing movie marketing cliche, and the result is mostly hilarious. The trailer features appearances by: Ryan Phillippe, Jessica Alba, Taylor Lautner, Antonio Banderas, Edward Norton, …

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