[WATCH] Red band trailer for Coens’ INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS

Inside Llewyn Davis

With the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis set to debut at Cannes next week, a new red band trailer has arrived to build some hype — although it comes with the disappointing news that the rest of the world will have to wait over half a year to see the film. This new trailer is not much different from the somewhat dour and underwhelming first look we saw earlier this year — barely earning its red band label with the inclusion of a couple of curse words — although we do get to see glimpses of Justin Timberlake this time around. While the Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan-led cast continue to look impressive, I’m still not seeing anything here to get terrifically excited about — which is rare for a Coens film — although that may change once we get to see more footage and, crucially, hear some of T Bone Burnett’s much anticipated soundtrack.

Inside Llewyn Davis opens December 6 in the US, while NZ audiences have to wait until January 30, 2014. Check out the red-band trailer and poster below.


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