[LISTEN] YEAH YEAH YEAHS: ‘Mosquito’ + Watch ‘Sacrilige’ video


Yeah Yeah Yeahs have just released an advanced listen of their long-awaited fourth LP Mosquito (that’s the hideous artwork above!), the follow-up to 2009’s wonderful It’s Blitz! The stream includes a relaxed and insightful interview with Karen O, Nick Zinner and Brian Chase, and on first listen the album sounds as terrific as expected. Once again co-produced by Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio) and Nick Launay, Mosquito forgoes the singular genre focus of their previous albums and instead offers a kind of best-of, career-encompassing tracklist, albeit one that still continues their sonic evolution and adds a newfound maturity on several songs. ‘Sacrilege’ is an obvious highlight, with its stomping gospel choir outro that feels straight out of an ’80s Madonna hit, and the single was recently given an awesome Megaforce-directed clip starring actress Lily Cole [see below]. The trio have some new collaborators on board for ‘Buried Alive’, a killer dance track which features Kool Keith as his Dr Octagon alias and production by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem). Some tracks attempt a return to their frantic Fever to Tell sound (‘Area 52’, ‘Mosquito’) and don’t fare quite as well, coming off somewhat awkward and scattershot by comparison. Karen is at her best when slowing things down, however, and that is once again the case here on the gorgeous ballad ‘Subway’, which steadily builds over loops of NYC trains, as well as on the final track ‘Wedding Song’, a moving tribute to her husband (director Barnaby Clay). I’m looking forward to giving this album several more spins in order to properly appreciate it, but even more than that I’m hanging out to finally see the group live, so here’s hoping they tour New Zealand soon after skipping us on their recent Big Day Out visit to Australia.

Mosquito is out April 16. Stream it below (via Noisey).

Watch the video for ‘Sacrilige’ below.

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