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Samsara is the latest non-narrative documentary from acclaimed director/cinematographer Ron Fricke, who previously gifted us with 1992’s incredible Baraka and is perhaps best known for shooting Godfrey Reggio’s landmark 1982 film Koyaanisqatsi. This visually stunning film was shot on 70mm over a period of five years in 25 countries, and it delivers another fascinating (and non-verbal) meditation on spirituality and the human experience that feels like a natural expansion of the themes developed in Baraka. For fans of Fricke’s work, Samsara is an absolute must-see, and I would also encourage newcomers with an interest in breathtaking cinematography and untraditional documentary filmmaking to catch this unique film on the biggest screen possible. A Fistful of Culture has five double passes to giveaway thanks to Trigger Marketing, and you can find the details below.

Samsara is screening at Rialto and Academy cinemas from February 28. For more details see the trailer below or visit the website: barakasamsara.com

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TERMS & CONDITIONS: This competition is only open to people with a New Zealand postal address. Entries are limited to one per person each day. Winners will be notified within 24 hours.


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