Seminal Dublin shoegaze band My Bloody Valentine have finally returned with their long-awaited fourth album, MBV, making good on years of half-believed promises from frontman Kevin Shields. This marks the group’s first release since 1991’s monumental Loveless, which is widely regarded as one of the greatest albums of the ’90s and was given a remastered reissue last year along with the rest of their too-brief catalogue. The announcement that MBV is available for purchase in multiple formats was made earlier tonight via their new website, and after initially crashing from the overwhelming traffic, it’s now back up and running. They even made the radical decision to upload every track to YouTube, and you can stream these below. Usually when such a beloved band reunites decades later the results are disappointing — Dinosaur Jr. aside — but on first listen this album sounds like a natural and surprisingly successful follow-up to Loveless, as if it has been locked in a time capsule for nearly 20 years. I’m enjoying MBV immensely already and can’t wait to fully immerse myself in it, not to mention selfishly hoping for a New Zealand tour announcement sometime soon.

Listen to each MBV track below, or head to the band’s website to purchase the album.

01 she found now
02 only tomorrow
03 who sees you
04 is this and yes
05 if i am
06 new you
07 in another way
08 nothing is
09 wonder 2

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