[WATCH] U.S. Trailer for Pablo Larraín’s NO starring Gael García Bernal


Pablo Larraín’s political drama No is Chile’s official Oscar entry this year and the first U.S. trailer was released this week to help boost its profile. Based on an engrossing true story, the film stars Mexican heartthrob Gael Garcia Bernal as an advertising hotshot who uses unconventional methods to encourage the Chilean public to oust their oppressive dictator Augusto Pinochet in a 1988 referendum. This trailer sets up the story nicely and also provides a look at its unusual visual aesthetic — the film was shot on a U-matic video camera in 4:3 — which reproduces the period effectively. No was one of my highlights of the 2012 NZ International Film Festival — and therefore one of my favourite films this year — and I wholeheartedly recommend catching this unique film if you have the opportunity.

No opens in limited release in the US on February 15, 2013 and will make its way back to NZ cinemas on March 28. Watch the trailer below (via The Playlist).

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