Lana Del Rey released the new Rick Rubin-produced single ‘Ride’ last month, which is one of eight new tracks to be featured on the forthcoming deluxe version of Born to Die, titled The Paradise Edition. The ballad is unexpectedly good following the dire nature of much of Born to Die and easily the best thing we’ve heard from the singer since ‘Video Games‘ and ‘Blue Jeans‘, and while it’s hardly going to repair her damaged reputation for indie fans, it does go some way towards restoring faith in her initial promise. In typical fashion, it also comes with a highly ambitious music video/short film, following the similarly epic treatment for ‘The National Anthem’ which featured A$AP Rocky as a JFK-esque figure and Del Rey as his Jackie Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe (see below). Directed by Anthony Mandler, ‘Ride’ features Del Rey as a failed club singer with “an obsession for freedom that terrified me” who spends her time cruising with sleazy biker dudes, as well as drinking, smoking, and dressing in several kinds of American iconography. Whatever your feelings towards her, there’s no denying that the clip is pretty fascinating, although it is also preceded and followed by some patience-testing and metaphor-laden self-written monologues from Del Rey about becoming your true self etc.

Watch the video for ‘Ride’ below (via Stereogum).

Watch a promo for The Paradise Edition below.

If you missed it, check out the video for ‘The National Anthem’ below.

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