StePhest Colbchella ‘012: RocktAugustfest wrapped up on The Colbert Report tonight with psychedelic alt-rock icons The Flaming Lips, following performances throughout the week from fun., Grizzly Bear and Santigold. Frontman Wayne Coyne joined Colbert for an interview inside a space capsule, where they discussed his early career as a fry cook at Long John Silver’s and his new “fwends” Ke$ha and Yoko Ono. The Lips then took the stage for a performance of their weird Heady Fwends track ‘Ashes in the Air’ (collaborator Bon Iver was unfortunately not on hand), as well as the gummy skull track ‘Drug Chart’ and their beloved Yoshimi single ‘Do You Realize??’ as web exclusives. Colbert signed off with the Lips playing the show’s theme song, as he and Coyne crowd surfed in the group’s trademark space bubbles, which nicely capped off an excellent week.

Watch The Flaming Lips perform ‘Ashes in the Air’, ‘Drug Chart’ and ‘Do You Realize??’ below.

Watch Stephen Colbert’s interview with Wayne Coyne, and his sign off with The Flaming Lips, below.

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