[WATCH] Thomas Jane’s ultra-violent PUNISHER short: DIRTY LAUNDRY

It seems as though Thomas Jane wants to reprise his role of Frank Castle/The Punisher. Jane starred in Jonathan Hensleigh’s awful 2004 adaptation The Punisher, and you could say he got a bum deal by being paired with a writer/director who clearly didn’t get the character. The series continued without him in 2008 with the seemingly worse Punisher: War Zone, and now the rights have been acquired by Marvel. In an apparent attempt to lobby for the as-yet-unplanned future film, Jane showed up at San Diego Comic-Con this week with an unofficial “fan film” titled Dirty Laundry, in which the six-months-sober character finds himself in a run-down area being terrorised by a violent gang. Castle reluctantly leaves his laundry duties to dispense some vigilante justice in an ultra-violent finale. The short was written by Chad St. John and directed by Phil Joanou (State of Grace), and features a great cameo by Ron Perlman – fresh from being an all-round awesome guy in real life – as a local shop owner. The short definitely shoots for a hard-R rated style, with obviously evil bad guys and extremely gratuitous violence, which no doubt aims to please fans of Marvel’s Punisher MAX series. I’m not convinced, however, that this middling short necessarily proves that Jane is right for the role, and I would imagine that by the time Marvel ever get around to announcing a new Punisher film, they will want a younger, fresher face for the role.

Watch Dirty Laundry below (via Twitch).

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