[WATCH] Louis C.K. discusses Daniel Tosh controversy & comedy on THE DAILY SHOW

Comedy hero Louis C.K. stopped by The Daily Show tonight seemingly to promote his brilliant FX series Louie, which has recently began its third season, but instead ended up addressing the recent uproar surrounding unfunny “comedian” Daniel Tosh’s rape jokes and Louis’ inadvertent part in a subsequent Twitter controversy. It came as a relief to learn that the comedian wasn’t even aware of the controversy at the time he Tweeted Tosh and it was all a Louie-esque misunderstanding, although his complement did make me question his taste in comedy. Overall it was a typically hilarious, offensive and refreshingly informative discussion on comedy, social networks and gender mistakes in which Jon Stewart didn’t get too many words in but clearly enjoyed himself.

Watch Louis C.K. on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart below.

Watch a promo for season three of Louie below.

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