[WATCH] Trailer #1 for JACK REACHER starring Tom Cruise

The first trailer has arrived for Tom Cruise’s latest action vehicle Jack Reacher, adapted from the ninth novel (One Shot) in Lee Child’s successful series by Christopher McQuarrie – best known for writing the excellent The Usual Suspects and directing the disappointing Way of the Gun. Cruise stars as Reacher, an ex-military investigator who is tasked with tracking down a serial sniper. From what I understand, the character is supposed to be a giant, imposing figure and Cruise’s physique certainly doesn’t fit that description, and it looks to me as though he’s just playing another generic action hero here, only with less smiling. The dialogue on display in this first trailer is pretty weak, the car fetish seems to be mimicking Drive, and we see very little of the great supporting cast – which includes Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, Richard Jenkins and David Oyelowo. Crucially, we see nothing of Werner Herzog, who plays the villain and will likely be the sole reason to check out Jack Reacher.

Jack Reacher opens December 21 in the US. Watch the first trailer below (via Collider).

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