THE CABIN IN THE WOODS gets a theatrical screening after all at NZ Film Festival

Roadshow Films’ decision to release The Cabin in the Woods straight to DVD in New Zealand and Australia caused an uproar on Twitter from outraged Joss Whedon fans, and pretty soon afterwards an online petition and Facebook page were launched to campaign for a theatrical release. The meta-horror film has earned widespread praise from the likes of Variety‘s Peter Debruge, who wrote, “Not since Scream has a horror movie subverted the expectations that accompany the genre to such wicked effect.” Add to that the wave of praise and box office receipts Whedon’s The Avengers is riding right now and you might have expected Cabin to be a sure thing for Australasian cinemas, but apparently our history of low turnouts for horror films negates all the great reviews and word of mouth in the world. So with fans looking at an inevitable download or rental, Ant Timpson – programmer of the Incredibly Strange section of the NZ International Film Festival – has come to the rescue, making many people happy with this announcement earlier today:

“Horror fans of New Zealand. Listen the hell up! Joss Whedon’s hotly anticipated CABIN IN THE WOODS was destined to home video only release. Then the fans rallied and demanded it to be released onto NZ screens. Today their pleas have been answered. CABIN IN THE WOODS will be now screening in the “Incredibly Strange’ section of NZ Film Festival on our NZs most magnificent screens. Now you can witness the genre-bending greatness of the most acclaimed horror film in years up on the enormous Civic and Embassy screens. This will be your chance to prove to local distributors that you want to see these sorts of titles get a theatrical. If you don’t turn up to see this, then don’t be surprised if you never see another CABIN play on NZ screens. Lest We Forget.” 

The New Zealand International Film Festival kicks off in Auckland on July 19.

The Cabin in the Woods is written and directed by Drew Goddard (Buffy, Cloverfield writer), and produced and co-written by Joss Whedon. Filmed back in 2009, it stars a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth alongside Anna Hutchinson, Jesse Williams, Kristen Connolly, Fran Kranz, and Richard Jenkins.

Watch the trailer for The Cabin in the Woods below.

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  1. John Marsh

    This is good news but are we really going to have to wait until July?  This really just demonstrates that the current international distribution model for movies isn’t sustainable long-term.  Here we have a movie in which the plot twists are the main draw.  The internet is awash with CITW reviews and unintended spoilers making it very difficult to avoid picking up pieces of the story.  The result?  Anyone in NZ/Australia with the know-how will pirate this movie as soon as a decent copy appears online.  They’ll share it with their friends and by the time the movie is actually released in cinemas, a not inconsiderable minority of punters will have already seen it. 

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