[LISTEN] PORTISHEAD’s Geoff Barrow samples RADIOHEAD on hip-hop project QUAKERS

Portishead mastermind/producer Geoff Barrow is returning to his first love, hip-hop, with his new project Quakers. Operating under the alias Fuzzface here, Barrow has assembled a crew of 35 contributing members and has a new album on the way. Last week we got our first taste of the project with ‘Fitta Happier’, a song which both references Radiohead with its title as well as samples a marching-band rendition of ‘The National Anthem’. The track features┬áverses from Stones Throw indie-rap mainstays Guilty Simpson and M.E.D., and it’s pretty badass. The self-titled album is due March 27, and will also feature┬áDead Prez, Prince Po and Aloe Blacc.

Listen to ‘Fitta Happier’ below (via Stereogum).

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