The original poetry-folk master Leonard Cohen is set to release his 12th studio album, Old Ideas, next week (31/01). We’ve already heard three great tracks (‘Show Me the Place’, ‘Darkness’ and ‘Going Home’), and now you can stream the entire album courtesy of The Guardian. On first listen, it sounds as craggily beautiful and sonically diverse as any latter-day Dylan or Waits, and will likely come to be considered as a new Cohen classic.

Listen to Old Ideas below (via The Guardian).

Read an in-depth interview with Leonard Cohen over at The Guardian.

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  1. Brittany Brave

    I love how it’s different and the same, old and new, happy and sad. Such a balanced, well-crafted record. I love how contemporary artists are recognizing that Leonard Cohen is a mastermind too in response to “Old Ideas” coming out. These covers of his classics (this one is from Greg Dulli) are perfectly done! 

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