[Watch] First Trailer for Johnnie To’s ROMANCING IN THIN AIR

Johnnie To, one of Hong Kong’s most exciting directors (Mad Detective, Election), is changing pace yet again with a romantic drama on the way titled Romancing in Thin Air. The story follows a movie star (Louis Koo), who escapes to the remote climes of Yunnan province after being left at the altar by his actress fiancée (Gao Yuanyuan), only to finally find love in the rather clingy arms of a neurotic fan (Sammi Cheng). Apparently this film has had a long and bumpy ride getting to the screen, but Media Asia finally released a teaser trailer as well as a new poster this week. While I’m much more keen on the sound of To’s other new film, Life Without Principle, I admire him for continuing to broaden his repertoire.

Watch the trailer for Romancing in Thin Air below (via Twitch).

To watch the trailer for To’s other upcoming film, Life Without Principle, hit the link below: