THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Teaser Poster + Viral Campaign Update

Warner Bros. released a new teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises today, which appropriately highlights Bane ahead of the six-minute prologue which will introduce audiences to the character before Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol next week. It’s another awesome poster and is likely to fuel more of the Knightfall storyline speculation. The Dark Knight Rises viral campaign also kicked off this week, with the official Dark Knight Twitter account, @TheFireRises, tweeting a document pointing to an event called Operation Early Bird which commenced at 10am Pacific Standard Time on Friday December 9. Wired and Empire were then “leaked” mysterious CIA documents about a missing Russian nuclear scientist named Dr. Leonid Pavel (believed to be actor Alon Aboutboul). No doubt these documents will ignite much speculation in regards to The Dark Knight Rises storyline, as well as how this missing nuclear scientist is related to Bane’s schemes.

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, 2012. A six-minute prologue will screen before Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol on IMAX starting next week. Check out the teaser poster below (via Slashfilm).

Check out the ‘Operation Early Bird’ viral document released by @TheFireRises below.

Check out the CIA documents “leaked” to Wired and Empire below (via Slashfilm).

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