Faith No More frontman, Ipecac founder and overall renaissance man Mike Patton is seemingly always working on a new project. The latest of these is the score for the Saverio Costanzo-directed Italian film The Solitude of Prime Numbers, based on the novel by Paolo Giordano – which explains the rather lengthy album title: Music From The Film And Inspired By The Book The Solitude Of Prime Numbers. This is not Patton’s first foray into soundtrack work: he previously provided the score for the 2008 short film A Perfect Place. Nor is it his first Italian project following last year’s hugely enjoyable Mondo Cane, which saw Patton covering 1950’s and 1960’s Italian pop songs with The Metropole Orchestra. ‘Twin Primes’, an instrumental track from Music From The Film And Inspired By The Book The Solitude Of Prime Numbers, has been released online and gives us a first taste of the score. Patton is my favourite vocalist and I’m hoping his amazing voice ends up on the score at some point.

Listen to ‘Twin Primes’ below (via RCRDLBL).

Watch the Italian trailer for The Solitude of Prime Numbers below.

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