Bob Odenkirk hints THE BLACK KEYS new album ‘El Camino’ due December 6


Funny or Die released a hilarious video today starring Bob Odenkirk of Breaking Bad and Mr Show fame, which teases The Black Keys’ forthcoming album El Camino. Odenkirk plays car salesman Ross Lipnick, who is trying to push a used 1984 El Camino with a December 6th sale date. Read the clip’s YouTube summary below:

1994 EL CAMINO: 273,000 mi. 200 cubic-in. 3.3L 95hp V6 engine, 3-speed turbo autom shift, sapphire stylus, some ticks/pops, light surface noise. Working AM/FM radio, tan metalflake/woodie panels, some rust. Black vinyl seats. Priced to sell — Grab the Keys and go! Contact Pat or Dan at (330) 510-1206

Pat and Dan obviously being Patrick Carney and Dan Aueurbach AKA The Black Keys. I love that they used Odenkirk here, he’s always comedy gold, and it’s nice to see that Pat and Dan are continuing their tradition of humourous promo material. Let’s hope El Camino can live up to expectations following the huge critical and commercial success they had with last year’s career-highpoint Brothers.

Watch El Camino below (via COS).

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  1. Brandon

    I guess the Black Keys haven’t been paying attention to other album titles this year- http://thegary.com/album/el-camino

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