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[WATCH] DINOSAUR JR.: ‘Pierce The Morning Rain’ (ft. James Urbaniak, Henry Rollins)

Dinosaur Jr. go the indie-comedian route again in their new I Bet on Sky video for ‘Pierce the Morning Rain’, following the Tim Heidecker-starring ‘Watch the Corners‘. Directed by Scott Jacobson, the clip stars James Urbaniak (The Venture Bros, American Splendor) as a suburban dad who takes his audiophile hobby a bit too far. Comedienne Maria Bamford features …

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[WATCH] AUTOLUMINESCENT promises a fascinating account of the life & music of Rowland S. Howard

Rowland S. Howard was a pivotal figure on the Australian punk and post-punk music scene, chiefly as the gaunt, fiery and gifted guitarist for the seminal late ’70s/early ’80s group The Birthday Party, which helped Nick Cave on his way to stardom and influenced generations of musicians. Over a career fraught with long intermissions, presumably …

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HENRY ROLLINS returns to New Zealand in April

Writer, actor, musician, activist and all-round legend Henry Rollins will bring his ‘talking show’ to New Zealand’s shores once again. The Long March Tour will hit Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland in April next year. Rollins, ever the insatiable traveller, will no doubt discuss his recent visits to North Korea, Mongolia, Bhutan, Vietnam, India, Tibet, Sudan, …

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Henry Rollins win!

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