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[WATCH] Werner Herzog & Errol Morris discuss Joshua Oppenheimer’s THE ACT OF KILLING

Werner Herzog and Errol Morris are arguably the most important figures in documentary filmmaking, so when they attach their names to something it carries a lot of weight. The longtime friends were so shocked and impressed by what they saw in Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing — one of my picks of the 2013 NZ …

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[WATCH] Errol Morris on THE COLBERT REPORT + Read an excerpt from A WILDERNESS OF ERROR

Academy Award-winning documentarian Errol Morris (The Fog of War, The Thin Blue Line) visited The Colbert Report tonight to discuss his new book A Wilderness of Error, which reexamines the Jeffrey MacDonald murder case and looks like a fascinating, important read which I think would have made a riveting documentary — I recommend taking a look at the …

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[Watch] Errol Morris short THE UMBRELLA MAN investigates the mysterious JFK assassination figure

Academy Award-winning documentarian Errol Morris (The Fog of War) has made a short film for the New York Times, where he frequently writes, on The Umbrella Man, a mysterious figure in the JFK assassination and the subject of many conspiracy theories. As always, Morris amazes with what he achieves – in a mere six minutes he manages to …

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After recently posting a discussion between filmmakers and friends Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, I was reminded of a bizarre event which took place in 1980 that forever linked the two in memory. Herzog was already an established feature film director, with classic films such as Aguirre, The Wrath of God and Fitzcarraldo under his belt. Morris was a …

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[Watch] Errol Morris & Werner Herzog discuss their films

Late last year, legendary filmmakers and old friends Errol Morris and Werner Herzog sat down at the Toronto International Film Festival for a discussion. They were there to present their new documentaries: Morris’ Tabloid and Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Both films were in my picks of the NZ International Film Festival this year.