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[WATCH] Slick first trailer for Joseph Gordon Levitt’s directorial debut DON JON

Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt took Sundance by storm earlier this year with his directorial debut Don Jon (formerly Don Jon’s Addiction), earning rave reviews and causing quite the bidding war. He stars as “Don Jon” Martello, a buff Jersey guy who only cares about “my body, my pad, my ride, my family, my church, my boys, my girls and… my …

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[WATCH] Revealing new UK trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s SIDE EFFECTS

Side Effects poster 1

A new trailer has surfaced for Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming thriller Side Effects, starring Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum and Jude Law. This new UK trailer is revealing for two reasons: first of all, it shows a bunch of promising new footage, and secondly, it casts Law’s psychiatrist in an entirely different light to the first US …

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[WATCH] Trailer #1 for Steven Soderbergh’s SIDE EFFECTS starring Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum & Jude Law

Side Effects

As the release of Steven Soderbergh’s penultimate film Side Effects draws nearer, we are sadly reminded of how close the talented auteur is to retirement. The first trailer hit today for what is said to be his final theatrical release — his last actual effort will be a televised Liberace biopic for HBO titled Behind the Candelabra — …

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Magic Mike combines the unlikely worlds of genre-hopping auteur Steven Soderbergh and Floridian male strippers, starring the increasingly interesting Channing Tatum. There’s enough scintillating dance numbers and disrobed actors throughout to satisfy female audience expectations, but this surprisingly artistic film has more on its mind than the beefcake-heavy marketing suggests, with its compelling characters and undercurrent of …

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Haywire is another intriguing yet ultimately failed experiment from genre-hopping director Steven Soderbergh (Contagion, The Informant!). MMA star Gina Carano – who Soderbergh and writer Lem Dobbs (The Limey) created the film for – makes her film début as a highly trained operative who is double crossed by her shady boss and left for dead. Carano is often …

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Bon Iver were the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend, performing two cuts from their phenomenal self-titled LP: the Grammy-nominated ‘Holocene’ and ‘Beth/Rest’. The performances were unsurprisingly great, and thankfully free of the sound issues that haunt most SNL guests, and I just can’t wait to see these guys at the Wellington Town …

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[WATCH] First 5 minutes of HAYWIRE, featuring a brutal fight between Gina Carano & Channing Tatum


Supposedly one of Steven Soderbergh’s last films before he retires (he plans to shoot two more: The Side Effects and Behind the Candelabra), Haywire features MMA star Gina Carano in her first big screen action role. The film opens January 20 in the US, and we’ve already seen a series of exciting trailers and clips. This week the first …

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[Watch] HAYWIRE Trailer #3 + New clip highlighting Ewan McGregor’s role


With Haywire‘s US theatrical release imminent, a third and final trailer has been released for the film that director Steven Soderbergh and writer Lem Dobbs built around MMA star Gina Carano. It’s a slightly extended trailer, but features much of the same footage we’ve seen in the previous trailers, choosing to highlight the action over the relatively simple …

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[Watch] Trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s HAYWIRE


Steven Soderbergh may be retiring soon, but he’s not letting that thought slow down his work-rate. His disease-outbreak thriller Contagion has only just hit cinemas overseas and he’s already released a trailer for his next film: the action-packed Haywire. This film stars mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano as a black ops super soldier who seeks vengeance after she …

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