[WATCH] Stephen Colbert gets DAFT PUNK’d; dances to ‘Get Lucky’

Get Lucky TCR

The Colbert Report was set to launch their annual Colbchella music week tonight with very special guests Daft Punk, only to have the duo pull out at the last minute due to a contractual obligation with MTV’s VMAs. Understandably incensed, Stephen Colbert began the show by mercilessly skewering MTV President Van “my peeps are feelin’ funky on this one” Toffler and parent company Viacom for the last-minute mix-up and faux-apologising to new sponsors Hyundai. He then made the most of it with an Ashton Kutcher-featuring Punk’d gag before launching into a side-splittingly hilarious dance montage set to “song of the summer” ‘Get Lucky’, featuring recent guests Jeff BridgesBryan Cranston and Hugh Laurie, friend-of-the-show Matt Damon, and the Rockettes, not to mention some great TV-bombs (Fallon, America’s Got Talent). Both segments were enormously entertaining and can be found below, although unfortunately the replacement musical guest was nobody’s favourite pop star, Robin Thicke, who sounded even worse than expected live and deflated an otherwise classic episode.

Watch Stephen Colbert explain Daft Punk’s no-show on The Colbert Report below.

Watch Stephen Colbert and friends dance to ‘Get Lucky’ below.

Bonus: If you missed Stephen Colbert and Hugh Laurie reciting the indecent language approved for use on basic cable last night, be sure to check it out below.

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