[WATCH] Kathryn Bigelow & Dustin Hoffman visit THE COLBERT REPORT

Kathryn Bigelow TCR

The Colbert Report had a banner episode tonight with appearances from both Dustin Hoffman and Kathryn Bigelow — easily upstaging The Daily Show‘s lame Jennifer Lopez interview. Hoffman was there to promote his directorial debut Quartet, and while that film doesn’t look very good, he shared a hilarious bit with Colbert during which the two bickered over Stephen being “cut” during editing. To get revenge, Colbert then bumped Hoffman as the guest and replaced him with Zero Dark Thirty director Bigelow, who was originally scheduled to appear on the show earlier this month. She discussed the unpleasant Senate investigation into the film’s depiction of post-9/11 torture and the possibility of having to testify, and while Colbert talked over her a little too much for my liking, Bigelow’s answers were measured and interesting as always.

Watch Dustin Hoffman on The Colbert Report below.

Watch Kathryn Bigelow on The Colbert Report below.

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