[WATCH] Bizarre first trailer for Quentin Dupieux’s WRONG

wrong header

Absurdist French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux — aka electronic artist Mr. Oizo — made a name for himself amongst cult movie fans a couple of years ago with his genre experiment Rubber, in which a tire came to life and killed people with its psychic powers. Now he’s back with a new film titled Wrong, and if the first trailer and trippy poster are anything to go by it will be no less weird. The film stars Jack Plotnick as a man who wakes up one morning to find his beloved dog missing, and he embarks on a quest to get him back, radically changing the lives of others and risking his sanity along the way. There’s plenty of surrealist visuals on display here, as well as William Fichtner intriguingly playing someone called Mr Chang. Whether or not it will all add up to anything more than a strange premise and some trippy visuals stretched out to a feature-length is difficult to tell, but I certainly admire how bold and refreshingly leftfield Dupieux’s choices are.

Check out the first trailer and poster for Wrong below (via The Playlist).


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