[WATCH] U.S. Trailer for Leos Carax’s HOLY MOTORS

A new U.S. trailer has been released for Leos Carax’s delirious masterpiece Holy Motors, which has been blowing minds at festivals around the world since its Cannes debut, as well as winning big at Sitges. Usually I wouldn’t post about a film I have already reviewed, but considering this impressive new trailer is for my favourite film of the year I am happy to make an exception. I’m still enjoying the fascinating conversation this polarizing and unique film continues to inspire online, not to mention the rare interviews that Carax has been granting recently ahead of Holy Motors‘ U.S. opening. Although he can be difficult and evasive, the eccentric filmmaker revealed a little about what his bizarre film is all about in a conversation with Indiewire: “I make [films] for the dead. But then I show them to living people that I start to think about while I’m editing — who’ll watch them? So I start to get more reflexive at the editing table. Why did I imagine this science-fiction word? I did invent a genre that doesn’t exist. But I don’t have the real answers… In this world I invented, it’s a way of telling the experience of a life without using a classical narrative, without using flashbacks. It’s trying to have the whole range of human experience in a day.” In an interview with Filmmaker Magazine, Carax again touched on the film’s meaning, saying, “It’s not a film about cinema, or about digital. Who would go and see that, you know? I really think of it as a film about the experience of being alive nowadays, alive in this world. We talk about this mutant world, so it’s not sad, it’s not tragic. Or, it is sad and tragic, but it’s also laughable and joyful in a way, if you’re lucky enough.” I’m really hanging out to see Holy Motors a second time, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a city where this film is screening I recommend seeing it as soon as possible.

Holy Motors is now open in limited release in the US, and stars Denis Levant alongside Edith Scob, Eva Mendes, Kylie Minogue, Elise Lhomeau and Michel Piccoli. Unfortunately there will be no NZ theatrical screenings, as the film (along with Cosmopolis) will be released straight to DVD. Check out the US trailer and poster below.

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