[WATCH] Red-band trailer for raunchy, star-studded anthology MOVIE 43

Anthology films are usually limited to somewhat artful endeavours for cinephiles — Three ExtremesParis, Je t’aimeTo Each His Own Cinema — but that’s about to change with Movie 43, an R-rated comedy anthology overseen by Peter Farrelly and boasting an enormously diverse cast of Hollywood stars as well as some intriguing directors. Made up of twenty segments from a dozen directors — including Brett Ratner, Elizabeth Banks, Mike Judge, Bob Odenkirk and James Gunn — the film’s massive cast includes Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, Emma Stone, Halle Berry, Stephen Merchant, Terrence Howard, Gerard Butler, Kristen Bell, Chloe Moretz, Josh Duhamel, Johnny Knoxville, Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Watts, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Richard Gere, Justin Long, Liev Schreiber, Uma Thurman, Seann William Scott, Kieran Culkin, Leslie Bibb, Jimmy Bennett, Kate Bosworth, Patrick Warburton, Tony Shalhoub, Jason Sudeikis, Jack McBrayer, Aasif Mandvi and Bobby Cannavale (!). One of the most promising segments revolves around Winslet on a blind date with Jackman, while another features real-life couple Faris and Pratt enjoying a sweet picnic before she reveals that she would like him to poop on her. The Farrelly brothers names on a project is usually a red flag for me, and this looks like exactly the kind of dirty and predictable humour as most their efforts, but I’m at least a little interested to see the likes of Winslet, Watts and Stone go blue in Movie 43.

Movie 43 opens January 25, 2013 in the US and February 7 in NZ. Watch the red-band trailer below (via The Playlist).

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