Sacramento punk-rap trio Death Grips — consisting of vocalist Stefan “MC Ride” Burnett and production team Zach Hill and Andy Morin — made headlines last week when they suddenly released their new LP NO LOVE DEEP WEB online for free, their second this year. The group Tweeted that their new label Epic wouldn’t confirm the release until next year, so they decided to let fans hear it at the same time as it was delivered to the label. They also unveiled the album’s super-NSFW and ugly cover art, which is the album title written on an erection. While much of this reeks of a publicity stunt, the controversial album is undeniably another worthwhile release — full of the punishing and intense sonics matched to raging and paranoid lyrics which have become Death Grips’ trademark — and it’s obviously earned the group some of the attention they were after, although at this early stage I have to admit it’s not quite on par with this year’s previous LP The Money Store.

Stream NO LOVE DEEP WEB below, or download it here (via Stereogum).

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