Arizona-based indie/Americana favourites Calexico have just released their seventh studio LP Algiers, the follow-up to 2008’s Carried to Dust (not counting soundtrack work on The Guard and Circo). For the first time in their 15-year history, group masterminds Joey Burns and John Convertino left their hometown of Tucson to record in New Orleans — specifically the small neighbourhood of Algiers on the southwest banks of the Mississippi River — although you would hardly notice the geographical change by listening to the album. The duo’s signature blend of Latin American influences and North American rock’n’roll with sad tales of doomed underdogs and restless vagabonds remains here, and while this may result in an overly familiar experience at this point in their career, that doesn’t make this impressively consistent and impeccably conceived album any less enjoyable for fans of Calexico.

Algiers is out now. Stream it below.

Watch Calexico perform ‘Splitter’ below.

Watch the video for ‘Para’ below.

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