[WATCH] Exciting & ridiculously fun new teaser for Jackie Chan’s CHINESE ZODIAC

A new teaser trailer has surfaced for Jackie Chan’s Chinese Zodiac, and it is sure to put the film on many people’s radar. Chan writes, directs and stars here in what is clearly a passion project — he has been working on the film for seven years — and it looks to be a real return to form, with the action superstar reprising his role as Asian Hawk from the classic Armor of God series. A previous trailer showed off some fun stunts and great choreography, but this latest teaser kicks it up a notch with an intense chase sequence which features Chan barreling downhill in a suit made up of rollerblade parts. It’s a tremendously exciting and ridiculously fun action sequence which recalls his ’80s heyday, and with Chan saying it will be his last high risk physical performance, it looks like a hell of a way to go out.

Chinese Zodiac, also known as CZ12co-stars Oliver Platt, Steven Dasz, Caitlin Dechelle and Kenny G (?) and debuts December 12, 2012. Watch the teaser and theatrical trailers below (via Twitch)

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