[WATCH] New clips from KLOWN + Download an episode of the TV series

A couple of new clips from Mikkel Nøgaard’s cult Danish comedy Klown have surfaced online today, ahead of the film’s US release (not to mention its imminent screenings at the 2012 New Zealand International Film Festival). The raunchy film, which stars comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen, has been praised as one of the funniest and most outrageous of 2012, and these two clips certainly live up to that reputation. Klown follows a six series run on Danish television, during which many local celebrities appeared on the show, and today an episode written by filmmaker Lars Von Trier (titled “It’s a Jungle Down There”) has also been made available as a free download.

Klown hits US screens on July 27, and will be screening at the 2012 NZ International Film Festival this month. Head to the NZFF website for more details.

Check the poster and two clips from Klown below (via Twitch).

Download the Lars Von Trier episode of Klown via the widget below.

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