Unpredictable Brooklyn-based alt-rockers Liars are set to return with their sixth LP, WIXIW (somehow pronounced “wish you”), on June 5. We’ve previously heard the album’s lead single, ‘No. 1 Against the Rush‘, and now thanks to NPR you can stream the entire thing. WIXIW finds Liars experimenting with electronic textures and beats more than ever before, and comparisons to former tour mates Radiohead are both inevitable and unavoidable. You can almost imagine Thom Yorke’s falsetto cutting in on the intricate electronics here, and on first listen this sounds like the album Radiohead should have made last year instead of The King of Limbs. Although Angus Andrews’ voice may not be as distinctive, it is no less effective here, running the gamut from effects-heavy intensity on electro-rager ‘Brats’ to almost mimicking Yorke on the brilliant, Kid A-esque title track. I’m more than intrigued by Liars’ revelatory new direction, and WIXIW is going to be on high rotation for the foreseeable future.

Stream WIXIW below (via NPR).

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