Preview Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips’ new series FATALE

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, the writer and artist team behind such brilliant and award-winning crime comics as Sleeper, Criminal and Incognito, are set to release the first issue of their newest collaboration this week. Fatale promises an intriguing blend of noir and horror, and legendary comics scribe (and friend of Brubaker) Warren Ellis has treated us to an advanced reading copy of the first five pages on his website. Ellis describes Fatale as “a lot of fun”, which is rare praise. Horror comics are currently experiencing somewhat of a resurgence, with excellent titles such as The Walking Dead, Baltimore and Locke & Key all enjoying great success recently. Brubaker has already proven himself a master of noir storytelling, so it will be interesting to see how he fares with the horror genre. Based on the Fatale preview however, it looks like he and Phillips have knocked another one out of the park and this is already one of my most anticipated releases of 2012.

Read the first five pages of Fatale #1 below.

Issue #1 of Image Comics‘ Fatale hits the shelves in two days time. Check out the hilarious and awesome alternate cover below.

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