[Watch] THIS MUST BE THE PLACE Trailer #2 – Sean Penn is Robert Smith: Nazi Hunter

A second trailer has arrived for Paolo Sorrentino’s still-bizarre-looking This Must Be the Place, which stars Sean Penn as a Robert Smith-esque retired rock star who takes up his recently deceased father’s quest to hunt down the Nazi who tortured him at Auschwitz. It sounds weirdly fascinating, and in both trailers you can tell Penn has just thrown himself into the role. Whether or not it works is another story, as it received mixed reviews and Cannes this year, but with Frances McDormand also on board and music by David Byrne (‘This Must Be the Place’ is a Talking Heads song), I’m sold.

Watch the second trailer for This Must Be the Place below (via Slashfilm).

If you missed the first international trailer for This Must Be the Place, check it out below.

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