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[WATCH] DANIEL ROSSEN covers ‘Hang Me, Oh Hang Me’ + Performs ‘Saint Nothing’ in a church

Daniel Rossen, of Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles fame, released his impressive new solo EP, Silent Hour/Golden Mile, earlier this week. He recently covered the traditional folk song ‘Hang Me, Oh Hang Me’ in the studio of photographer Brigitte Lacombe, and it’s a great, dusty rendition set against an appropriately black backdrop. Rossen also appeared on …

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[LISTEN] DANIEL ROSSEN: ‘Silent Hour/Golden Mile’

Yesterday, Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear/Department of Eagles released his first solo EP, Silent Hour/Golden Mile, which is now available to stream online. It’s a terrific collection of five rich, wonderfully-arranged acoustic tracks with typically gorgeous harmonies and guitar playing – as if anyone would expect less from the man behind much of the greatness on 2008’s …

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