[WATCH] Guillermo Del Toro goes big in new PACIFIC RIM trailer

Pacific Rim

The 2013 blockbuster season is off to a promising start with Iron Man 3 and the imminent Star Trek Into Darkness, and it’s shaping up to be one of the best in years with the exciting addition of Man of Steel, Elysium and Pacific Rim. Guillermo Del Toro has been steadily releasing teasers for his epic monster vs. robot extravaganza since late last year, understandably focussing on the spectacle, but this week an exciting new two-and-a-half-minute trailer has arrived which gives us some long-awaited insight into the cast and story — including our first look at Charlie Day’s monster expert, some intriguing training sessions, and of course, Ron Perlman — as well as the awesome tagline: “Go Big or Go Extinct”. Each new look at this film reveals even more of its insane scale (Space battles! Ships are weapons!), and this remains one of my most anticipated blockbusters of the year.

Pacific Rim opens July 11 in NZ. Check out the latest trailer and poster below (via The Playlist).


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